Welcome to the Child Sleep Institute

The Child Sleep Institute provides resources for Parents and Professionals who are interested in improving children's sleep.

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Sleeposium 2022 speakers

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For parents, we have several programs that provide information and resources that will help you help your children to sleep better. These resources are designed to be used before you engage a Sleep Consultant or Sleep Coach. In our experience, about 70% of families will achieve better sleep with just the information we provide. If you are in the 30% of families that will need one-on-one support to get better sleep, this information will still be valuable as a starting place. In fact, many sleep professionals provide these resources to their clients as part of their package as this saves time that can be better spent focusing on the uniqueness of your child's situation.

For professionals, we are here to support those interested in or currently working in the Perinatal and Childcare Profession. This includes Postpartum and Birth Doulas, Baby Nurses, Childbirth Educators, Newborn Care Specialists, Night Coaches and Nannies. We provide advanced training opportunities, certifications, and resources for those looking to excel in this industry. Topics are hand picked specifically to advance your knowledge in the area of Child Sleep and Infant & Postpartum Care providing you with a comprehensive and well rounded avenue of continuous education applicable to your trade.