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Parenting Resources

Relationship Matters by Gordon Neufeld
The Challenges of Parenting and Raising Today's Children

Society has changed. So too have the challenges of parenting and teaching. We all want our children to realize their full potential. We all want our children to become caring and considerate individuals. Yet achieving these outcomes seems to be getting harder in today’s world. How do we provide the conditions children need to truly grow up? How do we provide direction and discipline without it backfiring? How do we shield our children against the rising tide of aggression and bullying? Dr. Gordon Neufeld addresses these issues and points to a way through. His approach is refreshing and his insights make sense, not only of today’s society but also of the children and youth in our care.

Attachment Roots: Developing the Capacity to Hold On When Apart by Gordon Neufeld

Dr. Gordon Neufeld discusses the way children's capacity for relationship is meant to develop and why this development is so necessary. Each phase of attachment adds a new way to hold on to their parents or other people they are attached to when separated.


Positive Reinforcement and Praise for Children

Alfie Kohn on Positive Reinforcement

Carol Dweck - A Study on Praise and Midsets

Five Reasons to Stop Saying “Good Job!” and what to say instead by Alfie Kohn