Better Sleep Toolkit - Module 4

Sleep Success Tools

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Module 4 Contents

The Sleep Tools in this module will help you manage any challenges that arise when sleep coaching and help you have success regardless of the sleep coaching method you use. These tools will help smooth the way to your child getting better sleep. You may already be using some of these tools, and some may be new for you. In this section, we walk you through each tool, including when and how to use them. 

Some tools are more applicable than others. The Essential Sleep Tools are the tools that you will most likely use, and may already be using. Additional Sleep Tools are more specific to certain situations. The Sleep Coaching Tools are very important for success with your sleep coaching plan.

Essential Sleep Tools

The Essential Sleep Tools are:

  • Dramatic Wake-up
  • Signs of Self-soothing
  • Pick-up-to-calm
  • Standing, Sitting, Rolling

Sleep Tools Essentials (Length: 5:41)

Additional Sleep Tools

The Additional Sleep Tools are:

  • Pacifiers: Should you use them during sleep coaching?
  • Crib Tethering: A technique for keeping your child from standing in their crib

Pacifiers (Length: 6:02)

Crib Tethering (Length: 4:10)

Sleep Coaching Tools

The Sleep Coaching Tools are:

  • Down to Bed Awake: For sleep coaching success, it's important that your child learn to put themselves to sleep at bed time. For this learning to happen, your child needs to be awake when placed in the crib
  • Consistency: Consistent support throughout the night from the entire team participating in the sleep coaching is the quickest route to sleep coaching success

Down to Bed Awake (Length: 3:07)

Consistency (Length: 2:34)