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Additional Resources Contents

On this page you'll find some additional resources that I've gathered that might be useful to you as a parent.

Developmental Milestones

This video about Developmental Milestones may be helpful if you are concerned about a milestone interfering with your sleep coaching.

Developmental Milestones (Length 4:29)

Examples of Shushing

Jovette is a Yoga Instructor from Ottawa, Canada. She hired me to help her get her daughter sleeping through the night. After she got her daughter sleeping, she offered to provide some instructional videos on how to use yoga based breathing techniques to increase the length of your shushing as well as how to lower your shushing tone. These are those videos!

  • Video 1: Three breathing tips so that you don't get light-headed from lack of oxygen while shushing (5:16)
  • Video 2: How to increase your breathing capacity so that you can shush longer between breaths (6:59)
  • Video 3: How to drop your tone while shushing (7:25)

I'd like to thank Jovette for providing these great video demonstrations of these breathing techniques.

Shushing Video 1 (Length 5:16)

Shushing Video 2 (Length 6:59)

Shushing Video 3 (Length 7:25)

Adult Better Sleep Guide

Even though I've been helping parents get better sleep for their children since 2004, I had a chronic problem with my own sleep for a few years during that time. So, in 2012, I started researching Adult Sleep. I took multiple courses from a variety of sources. I even flew to Boston, Massachusetts to take an in person training for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-i) with Dr. Gregg Jacobs. CBT-I is now considered the treatment of choice for insomnia and studies have shown it to be highly effective.

Many of the parents I work with also have sleep issues themselves, so as part of my child sleep practice, I prepared the Handout below with my tried and true strategies to help adults get better sleep. 


Adult Sleep Tips (pdf)

Successful Parenting Course

As part of my own continuing education, I'm currently taking courses from Brigham Young University - Idaho. I'm studying Marriage and Family Studies with the immediate goal of obtaining a certificate in Home and Family Studies. As part of my course work, I prepared this Successful Parenting Course.

Even though it was prepared for class credit, I had helping my clients in mind when I created it. It's not your typical parenting course. It covers evidence-based information to help families have the best success as a whole. My favourite video is the one on forgiveness, I think it can have the biggest impact on ourselves, children and relationships.

The course consists of 10 short videos, with a total length of about an hour. The topics covered are:

  • Welcome to the Course 2:01
  • Introduction to Parenting
    • Parenting Basics 16:04
    • Practical Parenting 05:39
    • Mothers as Nurturers 08:19
    • Honoring Fathers 03:31
  • Strengthening Family
    • Forgiveness 07:24
    • Wholesome Family Recreation 05:53
    • Challenges and Healing 03:32
  • Parental Harmony
    • Relationship Basics 06:07
    • Honoring Vows 03:40

Total running time: 1:02:10

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