CSI IMH Badge Description

Holders of the Child Sleep Institute IMH Badge have completed a university level course in Infant Mental Health. This course is offered periodically by the Infant Mental Health Program at the Ontario Hospital for Sick Children. Topics covered in this course include:

  • Introduction to Infant Mental Health and Early Development
  • Understanding Brain Development in the Early Years
  • The Importance of Attachment to Development
  • Temperament
  • The Development of Regulation in the Early Years
  • The Impact of Early Trauma on Development
  • Parental Depression
  • The Impact of Poor Parental Mental Health on a Child
  • Common Disorders of Early Childhood
  • Creating Developmental Support Plans

In order to earn this badge, participants must:

  • Attend or view 15 classes of at least 2 hours each, for a minimum of 30 hours of instruction. These classes are led by industry leading professionals, most with M.D., Ph.D, and/or Ed.D credentials
  • Successfully complete 15 Knowledge Assessments; one for each class
  • Successfully complete 1 Final Course Knowledge Assessment
  • By signing up through the Child Sleep Institute, class participants also have the opportunity to discuss the course with other class members. This results in greater knowledge retention and understanding
  • The CSI IMH badge is only awarded to members of the Child Sleep Institute Program who have provided a copy of the Completion Certificate awarded by the Infant Mental Health Program

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