Night Coach Certification Program
Code of Conduct and Scope of Practice

Scope of Practice

  1. Night Coaches are trained to support families by carrying out a predetermined sleep plan by sleep coaching either in the daytime or the night. The Night Coach may do the coaching for a client or with the client. They may also provide moral support to parents implementing a sleep plan or respite to families that are not sleep coaching.
  2. A Night Coach will normally work with a trained Sleep Consultant who will create a tailored sleep plan after assessing the family and be able to troubleshoot any issues. A family may also create their own sleep plan and hire a Night Coach to help them implement it.
  3. Night Coaches are not trained to assess a child or family's sleep needs, rule out medical or other issues, or provide any medical or feeding advice. If there are any concerns regarding health, feeding, or sleep coaching progress, they should refer to a health care professional or sleep consultant.

Code of Conduct

  1. Night Coaches do not represent themselves as a Sleep Consultant or Sleep Coach based on the Night Coach Basic training or Night Coach Certification Program.
  2. Night Coaches follow and encourage safe sleep best practice recommendations for the area that they are practicing in.
  3. The Sleep Consultant and the Night Coach should obtain consent from the client to share and discuss sleep plan and sleep coaching details with each other. Verbal consent may be adequate depending on the jurisdiction.
  4. Photos, audio, or video recordings should only be made with the express agreement of the individuals being recorded or their parents with clearly stated conditions for use.
  5. Night Coaches will take steps to maintain standards of safety when working in client’s homes.
  6. Night Coaches respect the family’s wishes and instructions. They don’t pressure families to act out of their comfort zone.
  7. Night Coaches conduct themselves professionally. They refrain from working when under physical or psychological conditions where their professional judgement may be impaired, such as while using alcohol, drugs, or suffering from illness or personal stress.
  8. Night Coaches follow safety guidelines as outlined by the local public health department.

Revised June 2020