Night Coach Certification Program - Curriculum

Class 1:  Introduction to Night Coach Work and Child Sleep

  • Welcome to the Night Coach Certification Program
  • Introduction to Night Coaching
  • Introduction to Child Sleep
  • Providing In-home Overnight Sleep Coaching Services

Class 2:  The Basics of Better Sleep

  • Environment: Assessing the Baby's Sleep Environment
  • Sleep Basics
  • Daytime Sleep & Napping Basics

Class 3:  Gentle Sleep Coaching Methods

  • 13 Sleep Coaching Methods; Including descriptions, procedures, and variations
  • Gentle Night Weaning Overview

Class 4:  Managing Challenges in Sleep Coaching

  • Sleep Tools Essentials
  • Crib Tethering
  • Down to Bed Awake
  • Pacifiers
  • Calming & Back-up Strategies
  • Observations in Sleep Coaching
  • Recording Progress

Class 5:  Stress, Attachment, & Infant Mental Health

  • Factors that Affect Toxic Stress and Prevention
  • Understanding Infant Mental Health and Brain Development

Class 6:  Safe Sleep

  • Safe Sleep Considerations
  • Safe Sleep Resources
  • Nursery Safety Check List

Class 7:  Troubleshooting in Sleep Coaching

  • Twins, Room Sharing, Excessive Crying, Sick Baby, Etc.
  • Tips and Tricks for Challenging Situations
  • Shushing Instruction Videos

Class 8:  Professional Issues 

  • Pricing and Invoicing
  • What to Bring in Your Night Coach bag
  • Checklists
  • Parent Contracts
  • Exam and Scope of Practice