Night Coach Certification Program
Terms & Conditions

  1. Each registration for the program is for a single person. A completion certificate will only be made out in the name of the registered person as entered on the registration form. Participants agree that they will not share their login details with anyone who does not reside in the same household as the participant. Sharing of login details outside of the same household is grounds for immediate termination of the participant's access with no prior warning or refund.
  2. Once your registration has been processed, there are no refunds.
  3. Participants agree that information contained in the program is the intellectual property of the Child Sleep Institute. Attendees will not copy, capture, record, or otherwise reproduce the presentation materials. This includes screen grabs, downloading, and re-recording. Participants agree to only access the material through the Membership site after logging in with their own user id and password.
  4. This program may include live interaction with the participants. These interactions may be recorded. Recordings may be made available to all participants. Participants who ask questions or make comments during the program explicitly agree to have their images, voices, and comment & question content included in the live broadcast and recordings. Any participant with concerns about this is encouraged to refrain from asking questions to avoid inadvertent inclusion.
  5. To obtain a completion certificate, web site badge, and to be included in the Night Coach Registry, the participant must:
    1. Watch all pre-recorded sessions
    2. Complete the take-home exam and return it for marking
    3. Score a grade of 80% or higher on the exam
    4. Agree to abide by the Night Coach Certification Program Code of Conduct and Scope of Practice