Night Coach Basic Training Course

What is a Night Coach or Night Specialist?

A Night Coach provides in-home support to families who are sleep coaching/training their child or children. The primary focus of a Night Coach is to work with a Child Sleep Consultant offering practical support in carrying out a pre-determined sleep plan. Parents will often want the Night Coach to do the sleep coaching for them or with them. For families who are not yet ready for sleep coaching this may involve offering respite or gentle sleep shaping.

The Night Coach training prepares you to work in-home with families assisting in carrying out sleep plans created by a Child Sleep Consultant or in some cases the family themselves.

The course includes basic sleep information, an overview of the different sleep coaching methods, how to work with a variety of sleep consultants, supporting families, observing babies, gentle interventions, multiples and siblings, supporting secure attachment, as well as, safety and business issues. Click here for a more detailed list of topics.

(This course DOES NOT train you to be a Child Sleep Consultant, or to assess families for behavioral, medical or other issues that may impact a sleep plan or to create a sleep plan with families. Click here for information on becoming a Child Sleep Consultant.)

Background Information:

In recent years, many Trained Child Sleep Consultants or Coaches have been trained all over the globe. These consultants provide detailed evaluations, develop individual sleep plans, and provide on-going support for families looking to improve sleep.

Many families request in-home help in carrying out their sleep plan either because the service is popular in their area or they want or need the extra help. Most Sleep Consultants do not provide overnight or in-home services and would welcome trained Night Coaches that can work with their clients in home.

Night Coaches are trained to assist families in carrying out their sleep plans.

The course includes 6 hours of training in an online learning format. Recorded webinar presentations are coupled with educational videos that students can view online. There is also a Facebook forum for discussion and Q & A.


In many areas Night Coaches are popular and in demand. They will typically work 1-3 nights with each family from bedtime to morning (from 6 or 7pm to 6am), typically 10-12 hours per night.  You can choose how many clients you will take and which nights you will work.

Rates range from $25 - $100 per hour depending on the arrangement with the Sleep Consultant and market conditions.

  • Night Coaches work is rewarding and lucrative.
  • Night Coaches bring the precious gift of sleep to families in need.
  • Some Night Coaches will work 4 nights a month and bring home as much as they would working full-time.

Qualities of a successful Night Coach/Specialist:

  • Ability to stay awake all night or a sleep lightly to be alert with small noises
  • Able to sleep in the daytime
  • Don't get overly stressed with baby’s cries
  • Can put parents at ease
  • Can communicate well with parents and offer emotional support
  • Friendly and caring personality
  • Non-judgemental
  • Can support parents informed choices
  • Reliable, tidy and punctual


There are currently no mandatory qualifications required to take this certification program but below are examples of the type of professions that will benefit from taking the training:

  • Nannies
  • Doulas
  • Baby Nurses/Maternity Nurses
  • Newborn Care Specialists
  • Night Nannies
  • Mother’s Helpers
  • Babysitters
  • Sleep Consultants interested in working in-home

Night Coaches greatly benefit from working with a Sleep Consultants. It is the responsibility of the Sleep Consultant to:

  • Evaluate the family’s unique situation and needs and rule out medical and other issues
  • Create a sleep plan collaboratively with the client
  • Provide on-going support and troubleshooting

The Night Coach complements the skills of the Sleep Consultant, and together they work as a team to help families improve their sleep.

This course is offered in person and on-line. Completing this course is one of the requirements for our Night Coach Certification.

Upcoming courses:

Course Name Start Date Course Fee Format Registration Opens
Night Coach April 9th 2019 $360 Delivered Online with optional live session Included with Sleeposium February 22
Night Coach May 1 2019 $650 Delivered Online April 20
Night Coach June 12 2019 $650 Delivered Online + 1 day live session May 20 2019

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