Child Sleep Institute Sleep Strategies Toolkit

A Comprehensive Guide for Pediatric Sleep Solutions


What is the CSI Sleep Strategies Toolkit?

Are you interested in learning specific strategies for better sleep in babies and children? How about gaining a better understanding of the different types of strategies? To add to your repertoire of sleep solutions, our Sleep Strategies Toolkit is here for you! Use this program as course, by studying each module, or as a reference guide when creating a sleep plan for families.


  • Over 40 different sleep strategies covered
  • 5 Modules with videos
  • Audio/MP3 copy of modules
  • Handouts to download
  • Final exam - optional (multiple choice and short answer)
  • Web badge
  • Certificate of completion
  • 6 CEU's through Child Sleep Institute
  • Lifetime access*

Contents of Sleep Strategies Toolkit

Each module includes videos, MP3 recordings, resources/references, and handouts.

Module 1:  Biological Approaches to Better Sleep

Module 2: Developmental Sleep Strategies

Module 3: Nutritional Sleep Strategies

Module 4: Behavioral Sleep Strategies

Module 5: Decision Framework for Sleep Strategies


Note: This course does NOT train you to be a Child Sleep Consultant or to assess families for behavioral, medical, or other issues that may impact a treatment plan.

*See Terms and Conditions

Background Information

Many Sleep Coach/Consultant training programs highlight a limited number of practical strategies to improve child sleep. In the Sleep Strategies Toolkit, we have brought together over 40 sleep strategies across a spectrum from very attachment focused through to behavioural solutions.

We have categorized these sleep solutions into four categories that align with various types of sleep coaching practices and parenting styles. These include; biological, developmental, nutritional, and behavioural approaches to better sleep. In addition, we have included a framework for deciding which strategies would be appropriate for individual children and families.

The core strategies follow an evidence-based format that includes:

  • Description of strategy and sources
  • Procedure - instructions for using strategy
  • Advantages of strategy
  • Disadvantages of strategy
  • Alternatives

Also included are PDF Cheatsheets that categorize sleep strategies for quick reference.

The Sleep Strategies Toolkit is a guide that will prove you with the confidence and knowledge to tailor your approach to individual families and help them meet their sleep goals while feeling uniquely supported.

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