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Sleeposium2019 Badge

Holders of the Child Sleep Institute Sleeposium2019 Badge have participated in the Sleeposium2019 Pediatric Sleep Conference. This 3-in-1 conference included:


This 2 day conference was geared toward education and support for Pediatric Sleep Consultants and others interested in child sleep, as well as the sleep coaching business. Speakers ranged from business to medical professionals and we also had several Sleep Consultants sharing tips and strategies from their own practice and expertise. The conference was held for 2 days in April, 2019. Many participants joined the online version of the conference. For more information visit the Sleeposium2019 home page.

Infant Mental Health Conference by the National Institute on Mental Health

Expanding Horizons - For the Early Years - From Science to Practice
For more information visit the conference description page.

Night Coach Basic Training

This online course was offered to attendees and provides valuable information for offering in-home sleep coaching serves, as well as practical pointers even if you only provide remote support to families. The Night Coach training prepares you to work in-home with families assisting with carrying out sleep plans. Parents will often want the Night Coach to do the night coaching for them or with them. For families who are not yet ready for sleep coaching this may involve offering respite or gentle sleep shaping. For more information visit this page.