Sleeposium 2019

3-in-1 Pediatric Sleep Education Bundle

Advanced Training for Sleep Consultants, Doulas, Perinatal and Childcare Professionals

Topics Include:
Pediatric Sleep
Infant Mental Health
Working with Anxious Parents
Overcoming Challenges in Business
Impacts of Tethered Oral Tissues & Airway focused issues
Supporting Parents at Night

About Sleeposium 2019


The Child Sleep Institute invites you to join us at Sleeposium 2019. This 3-in-1 conference is the first of its kind in Canada, and is specifically geared to supporting Pediatric Sleep Consultants and others interested in children’s sleep and supporting families.

The main conference is a two day event, April 9th and 10th, and will be held in Georgetown, Ontario, Canada. Our schedule is packed with talks relevant to sleep and the sleep consulting profession. The Sleeposium 2019 speakers are knowledgeable about the Sleep Coaching profession and will offer their expertise in overcoming specific challenges and enhancing your professional skills in supporting families and improving your practice.

Included with Sleeposium 2019 is online access to two additional learning opportunities:

  1. The National Institute on Mental Health Conference: Expanding Horizons For the Early Years will be webcast live on April 11th & 12th. Sleeposium 2019 attendees are invited to gather together to participate in the Webcast as a group. Location to be announced. Archives of the webcasts will be available for 2 years.
    $1300 value
  2. The Child Sleep Institute's Night Coach Basic Training. This online training program prepares you for working overnight in your clients' homes performing sleep coaching for their children. Many parents prefer to hire a night coach to implement a sleep coaching plan but there is a shortage of qualified sleep coaches in many markets. This training will prepare you to perform this valuable service. Certification as a Night Coach is also available for an additional fee.
    $650 value

Combining all three of these programs makes this a 3-in-1 conference.

All attendees will have online access to the recordings of all three programs for 2 years. If you can't attend in person, online only access is also available.

Click here for information on Pricing & Registration. Early bird prices available until March 12, 2019


Sleeposium 2019

This 2 day conference is geared toward education and support for Pediatric Sleep Consultants and others interested in child sleep, as well as the sleep coaching business. Speakers range from business to medical professionals and we also have several Sleep Consultants sharing tips and strategies from their own practice and expertise.

Location:  Toronto, Canada

The live Sleeposium will be held at The Club at North Halton in Georgetown, Ontario, which is 30 minutes from Toronto Pearson Airport. Please contact us if you need information about accommodation or transportation.

National Institute on Mental Health Conference: Expanding Horizons For the Early Years

Live Stream and online access.

The Expanding Horizons conference will be available by live stream to our group in the Georgetown area (location to be announced) on April 11 & 12. All the contents of the conference will also be available for 2 years following the event. More Information 
Value $1300

Night Coach Basic Training

This online course is offered to attendees and provides valuable information for offering in-home sleep coaching serves, as well as practical pointers even if you only provide remote support to families.

The Night Coach training prepares you to work in-home with families assisting with carrying out sleep plans.  Parents will often want the Night Coach to do the night coaching for them or with them. For families who are not yet ready for sleep coaching this may involve offering respite or gentle sleep shaping.
More Information.
Value $650

Featured Talks & Speakers

Sleeposium 2019 will inform and empower you to run your business efficiently and equip you to provide valuable support to the families you support.

Dr. Alison Sigal

B.H.Kin, DDS, MSc (Ped Dent), FRCD(C)
Little Bird Pediatric Dentistry

Nelia DeAmaral

Registered Psychotherapist &
Councillor for Women at all Life Stages

Sarah Turl

Lead Mediator
Empowered Results Mediation

Mary Strachan

Clarity & Compassion Coach & Mentor